and activities

Scientific and Technological Strategies on Gasification and Hydrogen Technologies 

Mid- and long-term strategic research and innovation planning in Advanced Techniques for Gases purification and Hydrogen, based on the valuable international-leading partners’ inputs. 

Knowledge Transfer Activities 

Promotion of the knowledge transfer to the staff members at IPPortalegre, through capacitation activities

Empowering the Experimental and Scientific Capacitation of ESRs 

Empower IPPortalegre’ ESRs on both technical and transversal skills, through networking and capacity building activities such as the summer schools, staff exchanges and research management and career development training activities. 

Knowledge Management and Science-Industry Rapprochement 

Improvement of IPPortalegre capabilities in terms of innovation management, exploitation and commercialisation of WASTE2H2, such as IP protection, technology transfer, collaboration with established Portuguese and international companies operating and/or the creation of new business models. 

Sustainability Beyond WASTE2H2 and Exploitation 

Reinforcement of the network and knowledge developed during the WASTE2H2 project through an exploration plan and a white paper that will create international visibility for the widening partner 

Management and Coordination 

Project monitorization and overall strategy to accomplish the deliverables defined, and the timely implementation of the project objectives