The European project “PYRAGRAF – Pyrolytic conversion of agricultural and forestry residues for decentralized applications to increase the sustainability of local value chains”, coordinated by IPPortalegre, was recently approved within the Horizon Europe funding program, with a total funding of 6 128 225 €. This project proposes the use of agricultural and forestry waste biomass as raw materials for a pyrolysis process combined with solar energy, in a mobile platform for decentralized use. This concept is a promising solution to obtain sustainable and cost-effective products for agricultural and forestry applications, improve crop growth performance and soil quality (biochar and wood vinegar), and provide renewable energy carriers for local use (bio-oil and pyrolysis gas). In addition to coordinating the entire project, the IPPortalegre also plays several R&D roles in the identification of raw materials and value chains, development and construction of the mobile unit, applications of the products obtained, and energy integration.

This project’s consortium is a direct result of the fruitful collaboration brought by WASTE2H2, with IPPortalegre, KIT and KTH joining forces once again. See PYRAGRAF’s consortium below:

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